We are glad to inform you that product links opened through promotional emails would also be eligible to earn Vantage Points. Here are the steps to ensure that you get cash-back points for a purchase made this way:


  1. Login to your Vantage Circle account and click on Coupons & Cashbacks.
  2. Look up for a deal that offers Vantage Points for the product or product range that you are looking for. You can actually click on any of the online deals for particular website and you will be eligible for Vantage Points for purchases made in any category in that site.
  3. Click on ACTIVATE DEAL and you will be re-directed to our affiliate website.
  4. You can now look up for the same product that you are looking at or simply copy paste the product link in the browser in a new tab.
  5. Ensure that you add the product to an empty shopping cart and complete the purchase in the same session. Web browser should be made enabled.

Your Vantage Points will be automatically added to your account within after 72 hours of order delivery.