Vantage Points are calculated on the basis of percentage against the total price of the products you purchase from our affiliate website.Suppose the order value is Rs.1000 on clothing, and if the Vantage Point is 8.4% then 8.4% of Rs. 1000 = 84. Therefore Vantage Points earned will be 84 points. Please note that Vantage Point Rates are different for different product category across various merchant sites such as Flipkart, Amazon.

The points are processed as soon as we receive confirmation from our affiliate partners about your purchase which is after 72 hrs (3 working days) after order is placed except Amazon. For Amazon, points are processed after 72 hours from order shipping date. Also Amazon provides points on certain selected categories and that changes every month or fortnight. Every deal has its own percentage, and terms & conditions to receive Vantage Points. Kindly read the conditions to get appropriate points for your purchase.