Always click out from Vantage Circle to Amazon before you shop:

-Every time you are shopping at Amazon, please ensure you come to Vantage Circle first. Click out to Amazon from here and then place your order. This will ensure that Amazon attributes this sale to Vantage Circle and pays us commission. We share this commission with you as Cashback.

Add products to your Amazon cart only AFTER clicking out from Vantage Circle:

-If you add a product to your cart before clicking out from Vantage Circle, the sale is not attributed to Vantage Circle and Amazon will NOT pay us. Hence, we will not be able to pay Cashback to you. This is one of the most common reasons for Missing or Cancelled Cashback. So remember to click-out from Vantage Circle, then browse on Amazon’s site and add products to your cart.

Do not visit other coupon or price comparison sites after clicking-out from Vantage Circle:

-After you have clicked out from Vantage Circle, do not open or visit any other Cashback, Coupon, Price Comparison or any other affiliate site. This might result in the sale getting credited to another website and not Vantage Circle. Even if you first visit Amazon from Vantage Circle and right before paying, open another coupon site, we will not get commission and therefore we won’t be able to pay you.

Always login to your Vantage Circle account:

-Before you click out from Vantage Circle to a retailer’s website to place your order, please make sure that you are logged in to your Vantage Circle account. Else we won’t know whose account to add Cashback to!

Complete your purchase in the same session after clicking from Vantage Circle

-If you clicked out from Vantage Circle to Amazon and didn’t buy anything, but after a few hours wanted to shop again - do not assume that the previous click out will still be valid. It’s better to go from Vantage Circle to Amazon again and then shop.

- If possible clear your cookies and temporary files regularly

Amazon Cashback Terms and Conditions:

In case the steps to earn vantage points are not followed, it is possible that your Amazon Cashback will not track.

Amazon’s policy is that it does NOT accept Missing Cashback tickets. Hence, if you raise a Missing Cashback ticket we won’t be able to accept it as we cannot forward it to Amazon to investigate further. We understand this is not ideal and apologise profusely, however we are bound by Amazon’s decision which is final. Hence, we are doing our best to educate our members on best practices to ensure Cashback always tracks

Therefore if you raise a Missing Cashback ticket for Amazon transactions:

a) Missing Cashback tickets will not be accepted by Amazon and they will NOT pay us any commission at all for these transactions. Hence, we cannot pay any Cashback to you.

b) Your ticket will be marked as resolved and no Cashback will be added to your Vantage Circle account.

c) Cashback is not applicable if the sale is cancelled or if the products are returned or exchanged irrespective of the reason of return/exchange. There is no Cashback on partial/exchange return orders.

d) Please only use Coupon Codes available on our website to avoid cancelled Cashback transactions.